Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rex Burkhead: 2013 NFL Scouting Combine Wrap-Up Show & Pre-Draft Update

According to Mike Mayock Rex Burkhead had a great week at the combine and tested "Off the Charts" in several categories.

I listed Burkhead as a Top Underrated NFL Prospect in the 2013 Draft.  It appears that my analysis is spot on at this point as Burkhead continues to gain momentum and climb up the 2013 NFL Draft Charts.  Looking at over 32 of Rex Burkhead's HS and college game film as well as interviewing 15 former players, coaches, and current scouts, I can say I am not surprised.  With all the intangibles coupled with Burkhead's athleticism and receiving abilities make him a strong known quantity when it comes draft time for NFL teams pulling the trigger.  I see a team with a great young QB taking Burkhead to lock down the; locker room and back field continuity.

Imagine Rex Burkhead with an Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson; the continuity, football IQ's, competitiveness, Check down capability, and the overall surge of team leadership in one backfileld.  Burkhead could be contagious and special on one of those teams.

See my original assessment of NFL Draft Prospect Rex Burkhead below: